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Software development using current technologies

Development of softwares within timeline.

Proven track record

Safe data handling

Integrated software security

Satisfying our customer needs.

Engage our associates in building the business.

Understanding the customer needs.

Professional ,Custom Solutions

Minimizing Cost to build,maintain I.T Systems

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School Management System

Our school management software software has been built to facilitate every school automate their system and standout in the competition.

Hospital Management System

The hospital management system or the hospital billing software incorporates the features which are targeted at dealing with each and every aspect of any hospital.

Point Of Sale Systems

Running on Oracle database,our point of sale software is built for any business type and made to scale,giving your business the power to run at its best

Enterprise Resource Planning

We develop business processes management softwares that allow an organisation to use a system of integrated applications to manage the business and automation.

Find Me Mobile Application

Android mobile application, that aids your to trace your lost mobile,individual,cargo etc.

Customer Relationship Management

Our crm software solution focusses on all aspects of interaction that a company has with its customers,whether it is sale or service-related hence providing business data to help you provide services or products that your customers want.

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Strong focus on improving customer performance

In addition to helping customers improve the efficiency and automate their businesses, Core Ict Consultancy can help them drive transformation and increase employee productivity as well as supporting revenue growth.We make an effort of understanding the customer's business and be able to advise them on solutions that can be implemented to improve business performance, extend capabilities and reach new markets.

A broad portfolio of managed services

Many organisations may be using a variety of providers for their IT services. However managing multiple service providers can also be costly and complex. For maximum efficiency, we will provide with a comprehensive suite of your IT services and business process automation. As businesses look more to 'as-a-service' options for software implementation,consider us with strong expertise across both on-premise and cloud delivery models.

Consistent global service delivery with local support

Global delivery capabilities offer many advantages, including rapid implementation in new locations and the ability to effectively manage engagements across multiple countries and business branches.Core Ict has local resources with knowledge of the relevant regulatory and legal requirements.


Businesses will always want to engage with us in a variety of different ways. Some may want to standardise on a single vendor's equipment and software, while others may prefer multivendor environments. Some may want a provider to take full control of their I.T infrastructure while others may only want to hand over certain elements. And some may want to mix new technology with existing systems so they can continue to leverage past investments. We offer flexible services that are able to accommodate such specific requirements. Flexible procurement and financial options are also key, with pricing models designed to allow for changing needs.

Full service transparency

Consistent service delivery is built on consistent processes that employ a repeatable methodology. Look for access to secure, web-based service portals with dashboards that provide real-time service visibility using web socket streaming technology and flexible reporting capabilities.

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Developing softwares that are made up of modules which are independent of each other.


Providing software systems easy to upgrade.

Modern Design

Making use of current available technology.


Easy to increase the functions performed by the software developed.

Core Ict Development Team

We demonstrate innovation,this include implmenting emerging technologies and new best practices and continually working to improve service delivery.Choose us for a partner with a proven track record of innovation.

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Portable Software Solutions

Software systems develped have the ability to perform same functions across all environments and platforms.

Software System Testing

Before software is released it is made to undergo intensive testing through different environments.

Safe Solutions

We focus on providing solutions that are safe to the environment.

software solution & consulting

Core Ict Consultancy , knows that every business is different, so there are no cookie-cutter solutions. Our approach to software development involves deep analysis of your current processes so we can fully understand your business and create the right solution to help your business reach the next level of efficiency and profitability.

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Business Information

Business Name : Core Ict Consultancy.
Business Address : Thika , Kenya.
Email :
Tel : (+254) 770-131-479

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General Business Activities

Core Ict Consultancy was established in the year 2012,Offering Software solutions to schools in Machakos County,Kenya. Our traditional business model is based on accomplishment on deployed solutions to some of our clients,which leads us to seeking viable solutions to new emerging problems.

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Company Strategy

Purpose : To be a leader in the software developing world and providing solutions to th I.T industry.
Vision : To provide quality services that exceeds the expectations of our esteemed customers.
Mission Statement : To build a long term relationships with our customers and clients and provide exceptional customer services by pursuing business through innovation and advanced technology.
Core Values : We believe in treating our customers with respect and faith,growing through creativity,invention and innovation.We integrate honesty and business ethics in all aspects..
Goals : Regional expansion in providing of I.T solutions.Build good reputation in I.T services delivery.

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Strategic Consulting Services

Our consulting services help you identify and plan powerful and innovative ICT Services using optimal delivery methods. We help you leverage technologies - mobility , cloud and IT-as-a-service.

Architecture Consulting

Our architecture consulting services focus on developing the road maps and solution designs for integrating new technologies and optimising your current environment in line with your broader ICT Strategy

Project Management

Core Ict Consultancy project management methodology embraces a suite of world class delivery services and project management capabilities to ensure your expectations are met.

Frameworks and development models

Our frameworks and development models have proven useful to clients who we have provided a vision , architecture and technology roadmaps in multi-vendor environments e.g enterprise mobility,Contact centers, Small and Medium sized companies.

Core Ict Consultancy.

Your partner in professional I.T Service and Solutions Offering